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"Fiction shows us enormously interesting things about humans,
things that - paradoxically - are much more interesting than humans themselves. ."

Kaj Bernh. Genell - On Western Culture


What is Unique about Kafka?
Kafka uses the High-Romantic Ästhetik des Schwebens and without this reference to the Romantic Tradidition, there would have been no Kafkaesque. What - then - is meant by the term "Kafkaesque"? Kafka - a Freudo-Structuralist Analysis is an analysis with special regard to the concept of the Kafkaesque.

Genell´s Kafka - a Freudo-Structuralist Analysis displays a model, together with a biographical survey and a historical perspective on possible influences, that, reversely, forms a hermeneutic, actual explanation to these features, as well as to what is denoted by the concept, from the perspective of a dynamic contextual center, explained in a triplicit model .

Writing the Fiction of Tomorrow By editing his latest Philosophical work, “Writing the Fiction of Tomorrow”, Genell elaborated in detail several of his favorite themes on Myth Critique and Irony Theory in order to make them applicable for contemporary Authors.


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KAJ BERNHARD GENELL , born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1944, is a Swedish Author. He became interested in Literature, Music and Figurative Art at an early age, and, in 1983, published a small book exclusively on Irony - “Ironi och Existens.” Soon after that, Genell, who had since delved deep into the strangeness of the works of one of the creators of Modernism, Franz Kafka, wrote a whole series of papers at the University of Gothenburg related to Kafka. This would much later result in “Kafka och det Kafkaeska” (2018), an essay in Swedish on the Literary Technique of Kafka, later published in English as “Kafka – a Freudo-Structuralist Analysis” (2021). This books explains the concept of the “Kafkaesque”...............

...........As a fiction writer, Genell set out with several books in the Swedish language, such as “Pistolen”, [ The Gun ] “Tavelstölden” [Theft of a Piece of Art ], “Tegelkrona och skönheten” [ The Beauty ] and “Höstdrama” [ Autumn Drama ].The concise thriller story “Skjuta sig fri”( 2022) [ Shooting Free ] - was also published on BooksOnDemand (BoD). Disguised behind the pseudonym “Bill Clactoe” (BoD), he published his first novel in English in 2021: ” Fell´s Point,” a small crime story set in Baltimore, USA. With “The Lion´s Disease” ( Amazon Paperback+Ebook ), G. did create a psychological comment on pandemics by describing a contemporary Odyssey to Indonesia on a Bulk Cargo Carrier. It also is available in Swedish: ”Lejonsjukan” (2021) (Amazon, Paperback+Ebook )............. .

.......... In 2022, in December, after – much to his surprise - having received a scholarship from Sveriges Författarfond (Swedish Authors Fund), G. published two more books in his native language, also available on Amazon, one of which was a collection of short stories called "Noveller." By editing his latest Philosophical work “Writing the Fiction of Tomorrow”, Genell elaborated in detail several of his favorite themes in order to make them applicable for Authors. In 2023, his latest novel, “Darkness,” (Amazon), is about a young man entangled in a strange murder case on a beach outside Tampa, FL.

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